Rosemary Thomas

1st Life: So anxious was she to see the new world that Rosemary emerged on a warm July evening in the back seat of her father’s 4 door in front of a hospital in Elizabeth, NJ. She resided in Elizabeth until her father became sick..

2nd Life: By age 10 she  lost her father to Cancer, been hit by a car, thrown from a moving vehicle and uprooted to live in the in the foothills of the Heldeberg Mountains (about 15 miles outside of Albany, NY) . Stage exposure came at 15 when she went to a performing Arts camp where kids were encouraged  to express all aspects of their creativity.

3rd Life: With the primary focus on picking a Major, joining a Sorority or being on the Dean’s list, college life at Hampton University in VA was quite the wake up call for setting intentions. Although she graduated with a B.A. in Political Science, Writing and Communications always came easy.

4th Life: Experiences galore marks the next two and a half decades. Her faith and trust in Spirit’s/ Life’s process has lead her to study and work as an Advertising Researcher, a Jr. High School Teacher, a Health Dept. Public Information Officer, a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. Her work history has instilled an unwavering sense of integrity, a genuinely positive demeanor on life, a wonderful sense of humor, and, among many the ability to play well with others. All these she put to use when cast in her first play role as Rose in August Wilson’s FENCES performed at the Adobe Theater in Albuquerque, NM.

5th Life: Several feature films were shot in New Mexico and she had the pleasure to work with Kim Basinger and John Corbett on Elvis Has Left the Building, and Adam Beach, Wes Studi and Paul Guilfoyle on Coyote Waits. She moved back to Albany in 2004 and continued  acting in various commercials, Industrials, PSA’s and plays. From 2004- 2009, she made the trip from Albany to NYC for work & auditions and got to work with Academy Award winner Melissa Leo on Stephanie Daily and William Hurt in Whisper Me a Lullaby in addition to securing Supporting roles as listed on the resume. In Feb. 2009 she moved to Harlem and worked scenes under Austin Pendleton and Mathew Arkin and studied at  The Barrow Group and  The New Federal Theater. Although doing more dramatic type roles, she loved the nervous excitement of Sketch Comedy Improv.

6th Life: Moved to LA in September 2012 to pursue acting in a warmer climate. She has  signed on with Osbrink Agency in their Adult Commercial/Print unit and signed with Noble Artists-Doug Cosgro. Scene writing and producing are playing a big role for the future.

7th – 9th Life: TBD.

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